Daniel’s Coffee Saipan to offer coffee via drive-thru

Daniel’s Coffee Saipan is located along Beach Road across TSL Building in Garapan. (Bea Cabrera)

Starting May 3, Daniel’s Coffee Saipan located along Beach Road across TSL Plaza will offer coffee via drive-thru from 6am to 8pm. According to owner Leo Legaspi, Daniel’s Coffee Saipan is a franchise from the Philippines and their main goal is to serve a fast and convenient choice for people on the go without compromising the quality of their products.

“What sets us apart from other coffee shops on island is our drive-thru. Once customers enter, they see the menu on the right side that carries all the coffee, espresso, and non-coffee items that we have… we used to open the drive-thru from 9am to 8pm but due to request and demand, we are opening earlier to serve people who are on their way to work or school,” he said.

“This drive-thru is the same drive-thru that my other business, Bes House of Chicken, is using. But there is no conflict. In fact, it’s like a one-stop shop—you get food from Bes House of Chicken and drinks from Daniel’s Coffee Saipan. We have two windows that ensure efficiency—first is where you order and pay and the second is where you pick up your order,” he added.

Another advantage getting Daniel’s Coffee is they deliver. “We have our own app that makes delivery possible and it is called ‘Food Apperti US.’ This delivery app is available in iTunes for iPhone users and Google Play for Android users for free. This app was made for the Philippine branches pf Bes House of Chicken and Daniel’s Coffee but since we opened on Saipan, they extended the accessibility of the app to the people on Saipan,” Legaspi said.

“We charge only $3 for the first kilometer and for every additional kilometer, 50 cents. The plan is to start delivery at 6am, but in the meantime, delivery will be on the previous schedule 9am to 8pm and we will see from there,” he added.

Coffee and refreshment lovers can enjoy the wide variety Daniel’s Coffee Saipan offer in small, medium, and grande sizes. Their hot and iced beverages include café Americano, café latte, café latte Irish, café hazelnut, cappuccino, café latte toffee, salted caramel, café mocha, and choco creamy. The Danpuccino selection includes white chocolate, mocha, caramel, and java chips. Their non-coffee Danpuccino includes Irish caramel, choco minty, hazelnut, choco hips, choco toffee and cookies and cream. Future drinks include favorite local refreshments like nata de coco and sago. Price range is from $3 to $5.

5월 3일부터 다니엘스커피사이판에서 드라이브스루를 통해 커피를 제공한다. 드라이브스루는 섬의 다른 커피숍과 차별점이며, 다른 비즈니스인 Bes House of Chicken과 원스톱 가게로 동일한 드라이브 스루이다. 또한 다니엘스커피는 ‘푸드 어퍼티US’라는 자체 앱을 통해 배달이 가능하다.